You recently checked your FedEx account or app to make sure everything was okay, only to discover that “schedule delivery is pending.” There may be a lot of activity going on with the FedEx delivery system, so don’t worry and don’t panic. Depending on the issue, the fix could take some time and after that you’ll need to wait for the notification to update, which could take up to 24 to 48 hours. This is a post for you if you received this information from your account.

What does FedEx scheduled delivery mean?

FedEx package users are informed of delivery delays using the tracking update “Scheduled Delivery Pending.” FedEx is working hard to deliver your package as soon as possible. On the other hand, it might also indicate that your package is almost at its destination but not yet prepared for delivery.

Possible reasons as to why your package is in “scheduled delivery pending”

Your package’s “pending” status may have been caused by an unforeseen problem that may have caused it to arrive a little later than expected.

This might be caused by uncontrollable circumstances rather than changes in weather and other natural disasters. However, you shouldn’t freak out if you get this message. FedEx is working on this issue to ensure that your package reaches you as soon as possible. Some of these problems are:

  • Sometimes it means that your package is in the last delivery chain, so you have to wait a few hours for delivery at your own address.
  • Long-distance transportation problems can include tire punctures and flight delays.
  • Inconvenient weather conditions could also slow down delivery times by causing delays in transportation.
  • It’s possible that your package wasn’t scanned because it was just delivered via road, depot, or flight transportation.

How long will my FedEx package be pending?

Despite the possibility that this is an unforeseen problem that not even FedEx is aware of, we can’t be sure of the change or the exact time the issue will be fixed. You have to wait until the problem is resolved because the FedEx delivery team will manipulate the new delivery time. We recommend checking your account, the pending notification schedule can be changed within 12 to 48 hours.

How can I see exactly where my FedEx package is?

FedEx offers tracking service options, including the ability to track your package in real-time using the package tracking number provided. This will provide you with real-time details about the packages as well as your current location. To use the service, go to the website so you can be kept updated regardless of the time you requested. 

How to track a FedEx package using the tracking number

  • You can access the FedEx tracking service page.
  • Enter your tracking number in the corresponding field.
  • To start tracking, click the Track button.
  • You can still track your package even if you don’t have a tracking number using the FedEx reference number.

What Should You Do About a Pending Delivery at FedEx?

As was previously mentioned, it is unfortunate that we cannot predict the precise time at which your package will be pending. This is related to the fact that you have no control over the pending status. FedEx won’t be able to tell you what the problem is that is delaying your package. Just know that it may take up to a day to fix. This is to ensure that your package is delivered to you on their end. As a result, you don’t need to worry that they will lose it because FedEx is a well-known US company.

Why is my FedEx package taking so long to deliver?

If a package has been in a “pending” state for a while, it can occasionally take a while to arrive. Maybe the product you want to be delivered with is urgently required to be used somewhere else. You can reroute your shipment to your local location if you need an urgent or emergency product. It will be a better choice if you use FedEx Express or FedEx Ground. 

How to contact FedEx Customer support

This is the best option if you are unable to track your package or it didn’t arrive on time because a customer service representative can assist you in learning more details about your package.

You can call FedEx Customer Service at (800) 333-3339. The Support Team will reschedule your shipment or find an alternative delivery method if you are unable to accept it on the agreed-upon delivery date. If all else fails, you can request a shipping fee refund.

If you are unable to receive your shipment on the scheduled delivery date, the support team will reschedule the delivery or arrange for a different delivery time. When everything goes wrong, you can ask for a refund for the shipping costs.

Tip: Use US Global Mail to get instant package notifications.

Since we may be preoccupied with other tasks these days, checking for notifications and tracking information on a regular basis can become tiresome. We suggest making use of a service called virtual mail.

Why make them better in terms of service compared to USPS? Among its features is that it provides you with a reliable physical street address. It would be fantastic if your real street address changed. They also offer digital mail scanning acceptance notifications and package acceptance from well-known shipping firms. Contact US Global Mail on their official website to take advantage of all the benefits they offer customers.

FedEx Text and Mobile

If you text “follow” to 48773 along with your tracking number, you will receive a text message right from your phone. Additionally, you can access information about the status of your package via push notifications or the FedEx app. To receive real-time updates, simply enter your shipping number.


What can I do if my FedEx package gets lost while in transit?

Although it happens very infrequently, the business you used to place the order will usually give you a refund. But take note, that you have to prove that they did not deliver the package to you using FedEx tracking information. This is done to stop rough play.

Is FedEx estimated package delivery date accurate?

Generally speaking, yes, per the majority of customer reviews. To prevent hiccups, it’s a good idea to double-check the scheduled time and date. It is extremely accurate, according to my research into online customer reviews. But there might be bumps in the road. The good news is that they are not common.

How Safe Is FedEx Home Delivery Service?

It wouldn’t be safe for FedEx to leave your package at your door if, let’s say, you were too busy to pick it up or simply sign for it. The courier will return the package to the vehicle. The following day, he or she will try to deliver it again.

What causes FedEx schedule delivery pending

The majority of deliveries are typically made by trucks, which can be affected by a variety of factors such as breakdowns and traffic jams, and sometimes drivers can take different routes depending on their own preferences or the weather.

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